You mean like “Like”? or “Love”?

Why I don’t say “love”? Yeah, of course, I have an unstated taboo with this word. I hardly ever use it with respect to person. Not that I am culturally conditioned to not use it verbally and rather show it in actions; I am not shy to use it, but rather afraid. I use it with qualities, deeds, books, food, things, etc. but rarely with any person. The only people I use it verbally or in spirit without any reservation is reference to my parents but even then I try to avoid saying it if I can. To me when we use it with a person – it becomes a very deep word, and I dare not to use it unless I can bring justice to it. To me the word itself represents a selfless feeling  towards another person, where you go to any lengths for that person, where self automatically comes second and you are happy that it is that way, where your emotions cannot be exclusive of your love’s emotions and where you accept to let go of the person if it makes them happy irrespective of how your self feels.

This all seems so complicated and out of the world, but I grew up into believing this notion and only the likes of these states can prompt me to look a person in the eye and genuinely say “I love you” without a doubt.

But don’t get me wrong here. I don’t mean to say that such love does not exist or only a few lucky people on this earth actually find such love. Paradoxically, I also believe that love is a choice, not a fate. Every person is already born with the gift of loving oneself, and I believe that you can choose to love another person. I believe you can choose to give love to your partner, family, friends or even random people. Perhaps the ones who can give love to all become saints.

Anyway, until the time comes when I can say “I love you” to another person as described by the likes of above, I like to use the other words like “like” as much as I like. 🙂

Here are some beautiful lines I came across on another blogger’s  site:

I didn’t fall in love with you

I walked into love with you

With my eyes wide open

Choosing to take

Every step along the way

I do believe in fate and destiny

But i also believe

We are only fated

To do the things

That we’d choose anyway

And i’d choose you

In a hundred lifetimes

In a hundred worlds

In any version of reality

I’d find you

And i’d choose you


2 thoughts on “You mean like “Like”? or “Love”?

  1. Sometimes its not about like or love, its just about how the person or the situation makes you feel… But i do hope that u come across that one person, when you wont need to think if its like, like “like” or love, your soul will know! The vibrations will match, the soul understands…

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