Lessons I learned from the depths of Grand Canyon

My recent experience of hiking down into the Grand Canyon has been very adventurous. Not only did the canyon blow away my senses with its beauty, but also it has shocked and surprised me in several ways. It revealed several facets of me that I never knew existed before. I realized that I could stretch my limits both physically and mentally. It showed me that I could be so complaining, so angry, so exhausted, so restless, so open, so contented, so afraid and so vulnerable. It also gave me immense happiness once I crossed it. Here are some lessons I learned while hiking the canyon that I would always want to remember:

  1. However much you love nature, it does not care for you. It doesn’t matter to the universe you exist or not. Time moves on, sun rises and sets on the horizon, days change, people come and go, the river never stops flowing and one day, may be this day, may be tomorrow you will no longer be alive and yet nothing would stop for a moment to recognize that. It is sad. But there is a universe within you that revolves around you and loves you more than anything.

Itachi in rain

  1. You are as strong you want to be. Will power can do wonders. When physical strength wanes, mental strength can still keep you going, even when the pain is numbing your senses.

Naruto vs. Pain

  1. At a certain point, you’ll break, however strong you are. At that time, all the negative emotions you have been brushing away or avoiding will start resurfacing. The only way move on is to go through them – thoroughly and completely. At that time, it is okay to welcome them, feel all the guilt, to break down and cry. When you recognize and confront your negativities, you have a chance to accept and overcome them.

naruto vs dark naruto

  1. When circumstances are no longer in your control, there are 2 ways to look at things: Being afraid, upset and angry or accepting them, being hopeful and doing what you can. The choice will not affect the end result, but it will definitely flip the experience.

rock lee

  1. ‘Almost there’ is not the same as ‘finished!’. It is not over until it is really over and anything can happen before that, you can be back in square one in a flash. Done is only when it is done completely and perfectly. But remember, the best part is not the destination but the journey.


  1. Interesting things can happen at the most unexpected moments. Plans will never be perfect and preparation has no limits. So, take a break. What is life so full of care, when you don’t have time to stand and stare.


  1. Silence can be wonderful too.

fist bump

  1. It is not that difficult to connect with strangers even when you are from different parts of the world. They can be genuinely and unbelievingly kind too.


  1. Everyone has a natural pace that works the best for him or her. It may not be as fast, or as efficient, but it will keep you happy and keep you going for longer time. It is also very important to let others have their own pace, it will keep them happy.


  1. At the end of the day, having someone to share something with is the best feeling in the world!


(All the images in the body of this post are not owned by me. They are used only for reference and because Naruto is just awesome! 🙂 )


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