Nostalgia of birthdays

My husband’s birthday is soon arriving and as I am brainstorming celebration ideas, I couldn’t but ponder over my own birthday experiences over the years. Birthdays have always been special for me. As a child, my parents would take me to pick my birthday dress well in advance of my birthday month. As the date approached, we would go shopping for candy that would be distributed to my classmates at school. My mom would plan and shop for all the food items on the menu for the celebrations that happen at my home on the birthday evening. My dad would order the birthday cake and I would have a request on the shape, color and flavor (Cake was a rare dish that I only ate at birthday events). On the morning of the birthday, I would wake up to a bright and cheerful living room stealthily decorated overnight by my dad with balloons and colorful decorative shiny ribbons weaving intricate patterns. It would fill me with happiness and made me feel special for the day. I would shower and wash my hair (which is important in my Read More